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Volvo Gold Service Agreement

You will know exactly when your truck will be serviced and what the cost of maintenance and repairs will be. Your vehicles are kept in their optimum condition and offer you the best fuel efficiency. The basic services in each contract can be expanded with a variety of options, allowing you to create a solution that exactly matches your specific needs. „Many transportation companies have short-term contracts with their customers or operate in unpredictable and fluctuating markets. They stress the need for greater flexibility in service contracts. We now have the technology to enable dynamic and connected solutions like this,“ explains Thomas Niemeijer, Business Development Manager, Service Contracts, Volvo Trucks. A Volvo Gold contract includes a comprehensive repair and maintenance plan for maximum operating time, accurate cost control and problem-free ownership, while a Volvo Blue contract provides the security of a maintenance and preventative service plan with all work done at a Volvo Truck dealership by manufacturer-trained technicians using original Volvo parts. „The rapid development of connected services gives carriers completely new opportunities to increase vehicle operating time and optimize vehicle use. By relaxing the payment model, we are adding another dimension to our offering,“ explains Theunis Eloff, Volvo Trucks Southern Africa`s aftermarket director. „A pilot project for this new use-based service contract has already been successfully implemented in the field and is now available to South African customers.“ The Volvo Gold contract is Volvo Trucks` most comprehensive service contract and includes preventative maintenance and network service planning, as well as all truck repairs. Volvo Trucks is now introducing the Volvo Flexi Gold contract – a new usage-based service contract that adjusts monthly charges to actual mileage.

This means that carriers are more flexible in adapting their business to market conditions and demand. The maximum operating time starts with a free service plan. We get to know your truck and your business and work with you to determine the right level of maintenance. We agree on a service plan that will help you get the most out of each kilometre. Maintenance, planned in advanced and pricey areas, gives you better operational control and transparency across your business – saving administrators time and money.



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