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Veterans Affairs Settlement Agreement

An investigation by the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), found that VA used 208 employee settlement agreements during the same period. The division used cash payments to settle 72 per cent of these cases, with an average compensation of $24,305. VA insists that the use of staff settlement agreements is compatible with other agencies, and department heads use „fair and critical“ tools to conclude staff business in the least costly and least disruptive manner. Qualified agency as a common employer. The complainant was employed by a human resources company that deals with the Agency as an after-sales service staff at an Agency call centre. The complainant filed a complaint stating that she was being discriminated against and harassed. The Agency dismissed the complaint for non-recourse on the grounds that the complainant was a member of the company`s staff and not of the agency. The Commission found that the Agency had sufficient control over the complainant`s position as a common common employer. In particular, according to the complainant, the agency provided the human resources company with a list of employees it recommends, two of whom it said they did not know enough about foreign languages, and an Agency employee insulted another employee of the staff company by saying, „I can fire you.“ The complainant also stated that her work had been affected by Agency officials and that she had been closely monitored by Agency officials with respect to technical knowledge and professional matters. The complainant worked on the Agency`s premises with agency equipment. Karleen R. V. Dep`t of Homeland Sec., EEOC Appeal No.

0120173075 (February 22, 2018); Other decisions regarding whether the complainant was an employee or an independent contractor: Gloria D. v. Dep`t of Agric., EEOC Appeal No. 0120180762 (Mar. 22, 2018) (Complainant was a pilot working for a company that served the Agency. The company provided equipment and equipment (aircraft and fuel), paid the complainants and granted them leave and benefits. The Agency required certain pilot capabilities, including an annually issued pilot fire card, which certified that the complainant was able to fly agency missions.



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