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Why Some Workers Have To Go With Contractualization Agreement

If you find yourself in this tricky situation, it`s best to make sure you have enough resources to get to your next job or wait for your contract to be renewed once your contract is over. You need to learn about your options and alternatives and hope that one day the working arrangements and possibilities will change for you. Despite the flawed rules, DOLE has been able to reduce the number of registered subcontractors across the country from 17,000 to more than 5,581. In a statement issued in response to its inclusion in the list, the company said that the workers concerned are not the company`s employees, but are employed by an anonymous service provider: because of its reputation for dealing with control issues, Congress is urged to pass a law that further protects the rights of all workers. Currently, the House of Representatives has approved House Bill 6908, while the Senate is still scheduled for second reading of Senate Bill 1826 on the Security of workers` mandates. Endo refers to a short-term employment practice in the Philippines. This is a form of contractification in which companies grant workers temporary employment that lasts less than six months and then terminate their employment shortly before regularization to avoid the costs associated with regularization. Some examples of such benefits that contract workers do not receive compared to regular workers include the benefits of an employer and an SSS employee, Philhealth and the contribution to the Pag-ibig housing fund, unpaid leave and the 13th month of salary. For many, the effects of contractification are far worse than the benefits. In summary, here are the advantages and disadvantages of counter-use: Endo is a colloquial term coined from the shortening of the term „end of contract“.

Here in our country, employers are required to regularize employees after six (6) months of work for the company, so some companies try to play the system by hiring workers only for a maximum of five (5) months. .



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