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Vc Agreement Template

Any model documentation including clean and commented/commented versions of an agenda, an investment agreement, a shareholders` pact, the statutes and the statutes of the board of directors can be downloaded free of charge below. A subscription contract contains the details of the purchase price for the sale of your company`s shares. It also includes the representation and guarantees that each party will make between them as part of the agreement. (Learn more about subscription agreements.) If you consider the current relationship between you and an investor as a marriage, you can consider the concept sheet as the marital agreement to find out if the terminology sheet will be with an angel investor or a venture capitalist (VC). Download the SECA Model Subscription Agreement would like to thank its legal and tax chapter for its initiative and the following participants for their contributions and the many hours spent in this documentation. The document templates available on this website are, except below, the Canadian versions of the standard documents published by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). CVCA pays tribute to the NVCA for authorizing the use of its standard documents in Canada. In general, these documents are intended to reflect current practices and practices, and we have tried to determine where different regions differ in a number of their practices. However, one of our objectives in developing these documents is also to reflect „good practices“ and avoid hidden legal pitfalls, even if it means that we must depart from current habits and practices. We have tried to avoid or at least draw attention to some problematic provisions that have become „market standards.“ In general, we have tried to highlight these problems with a footnote and explicable language. SECA`s VC model documents make venture capital assets more efficient in Switzerland and have become the norm for ventures in Switzerland. The Legal Tax Chapter encourages everyone to inform SECA (or Beat Kohni, which coordinates in the chapter „Law – Taxation „) of defects in order to constantly improve documentation.

The CVCA has taken over the NVCA model documents as a Canadian model, as NVCA model documents are widely used in the United States and are increasingly used in Canadian venture contracts and have therefore already become standard documents.



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