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Cupe Agreement Ratified

The negotiation process between the committees representing the university and their employees, represented by the union, results in a collective agreement. If a new bargaining unit is formed, the parties will negotiate a „first collective agreement“. At regular intervals, the parties, depending on the duration of the collective agreement, which can vary considerably, meet to negotiate collective agreements and negotiate amendments to the collective agreement. This amended agreement is commonly referred to as a „renewal collective agreement“. The collective agreement ratification process, which applies only to CUPE Local 3902, requires a meeting of members – called a „promotion meeting“ by CUPE – to decide whether all employees in the corresponding bargaining unit (i.e. units 1, 3 or 5) can vote on an interim agreement. At a virtual general meeting last night, 84.7 percent of the 176 workers and employees working at the Electric Energy Workers Union-North ratified the recently negotiated interim agreement with multinational Rio Tinto. A group of workers represented by the same union and covered by the same collective agreement. The types of jobs in a given bargaining unit are defined in the scope and/or recognition clause of the collective agreement for that tariff unit. Examples of bargaining units at the university are USW 1998 Staff-Appointed and Casual, CUPE 3261 Service Workers, CUPE 1230 Library Workers, OPSEU 519 Campus Police, Unifor 2003 Stationary Engineers, IBEW 353 Electricians, CUPE 3902 Sessionsal Lecturers, Postdoctoral Fellows and TAs, etc. Here you will find a complete list of our employee groups and bargaining units. Education workers represented by CUPE in Ontario voted to ratify a central collective agreement guaranteeing the restoration of vital services to students and the return of 1300 auxiliary jobs in schools across the province.

„We are pleased with this agreement, which was negotiated under unusual circumstances. We have managed to maintain the job security and working conditions of our members,“ said Jean-Julien Mercier, CUPE representative. In 2020 and 2021, members of the three CUPE residents will receive a salary increase over the two-year contact of 1.75 percent per year. The city has considered the direct financial impact of the new collective agreements in its 2020 operating budget. . .



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