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Defense Production Act Voluntary Agreements

4. 85 EN 50035 (17 August 2020). The Attorney General, in consultation with the Chair of the Federal Trade Commission, concluded that it was not reasonable to achieve the objective of the voluntary agreement through an agreement with less anti-competitive effects or without a voluntary agreement, and published the finding in the federal registry on the same day. 85 FR 50049 (17 August 2020). (6) `The person designated by the President in Sub-Part C,point 2 [by Article 708 of the DPA] for the management of the voluntary agreement or action plan`; 50 U.S.C 4558 (h)(7). Participants acknowledge and agree to comply with all provisions of Section 708 of the DPA, as amended, and related rules, adopted by FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, HHS, the Attorney General, and the FTC. FEMA announced standards and procedures for voluntary agreements in 44 CFR Part 332. The administrator informs the participants of the new rules and regulations as soon as they are adopted. In accordance with the provisions of Subsection 708(j) of the DPA, each Participant in this Agreement is available to all Participants in this Agreement in defense of any civil or criminal action brought for violation of antitrust law (or similar law of a State) with respect to measures to develop or implement this Agreement or a plan of action. that, in developing or implementing this Agreement or an action plan, the Participant has taken such a step that the Participant has complied with the provisions of Section 708 DPA and the rules adopted under this Agreement, and that the Participant has acted in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and a relevant action plan. . .




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