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Unattested Pledge Agreement Meaning

6 13. The Member undertakes to pay all taxes, taxes and/or costs related to the collateral of the goods in question without delay and to export other documents, whether legal or otherwise, as requested by the CEA for the purposes of applying the provisions of this act and the dematerialized deposit system of goods. 14. The Member also agrees with the fact that: (a) the member defends and defends the right and interest of the CEA for the goods in question and against all claims and claims; (b) before a fine, penalty, interest or charge is accompanied by a fine, fine, interest or expense, the member now or subsequently pays all legal taxes, rates, taxes or taxes and ensures that no third-party duty is created on or on the subject goods; (c) the ACE member immediately informs ACE of any notification that the Member has received of an application for bankruptcy, liquidation, liquidation or, without restriction, any other notification under another law or other legal proceeding that must be filed or initiated and affects the member`s ownership of these goods, or when a recipient is designated about them; (d) the member takes all necessary measures to fully implement the provisions of these acts; (e) the member cannot ask the custodian or custodian to withdraw the frozen state or custodian with respect to these goods; (f) the member accepts that, despite the absence of incomplete documents or documents or the absence of incomplete documents or submissions, the member will not be discharged from his or her responsibility until after all the member`s contributions have been reimbursed; 15. Until all of the member`s obligations and commitments are fully fulfilled and after this act, all security continues to be watered under this pawning agreement. 16. The member accepts that the deposit of the goods in subject matter and their guarantee will not be affected in any way if the CEA takes action against the member, including suspension, expulsion or declaration of the member in the event of a delay. 17. The Member accepts that ACE assumes no responsibility to the member or any other or third party for losses, damages, expenses, expenses, expenses, etc., resulting from the deposit of the goods in question in connection with these goods, in any way, for any reason, whether these goods are held by ACE at the time of that loss or damage or the arrival of the cause. The Member shall free ACE at any time from any action, procedure, fees, royalties, claims and claims that a person may bring against ACE at any time in respect of acts, business and objects legally committed or caused by ACE in connection with these goods or in respect of ACE`s rights and powers.

18. The Member undertakes that the deposit of these products and the deposit of these goods and any pledges on the goods to be created be binding on the Anup, where I can see that in Delhi the stamp duty on the agreements is 50%.



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