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Sample Physician Assistant Practice Agreement California

The shift from monomologist to multi-physician inspection is a significant change with new risk issues. He should always be a specialized doctor and available at all times. You don`t want to make a mistake because Dr. X thought Dr. Y was monitoring the AP. Clear coverage processes and schedules are one way to avoid breakdowns. The new law removes these requirements. Instead, it says: „Surveillance, as defined in this subdivision, should not be interpreted as requiring the physical presence of the physician, but requires: (A) respect for appropriate supervision, as agreed in the practice agreement. (B) the physician and surgeon are available by telephone or any other method of electronic communication at the time of the patient`s examination.“ Bus. Code No. 3501 (f) (1), amended by SB 697 (valid January 1, 2020).

(3) . . . [A]dopt[ing] protocols to regulate the provision of a medical assistant for some or all tasks. Protocols are developed by the doctor, accepted or sent back from texts or other sources. The minutes must be signed and dated by the supervisory physician and medical assistant. Instead of requiring an agreement between a certain Palestinian surveillance physician and a certain supervisory physician, the new law tightens the PA agreements by authorizing the use of the same practice agreement for several PaAs, by not requiring the appointment of certain supervisory physicians and by not requiring that the agreement be signed by the supervising physician (in PaPa). This should lead to a significantly simplified practice of PA within health systems, where the PA is often supervised by several physicians and has been forced in the past to enter into service agreements that designate each of these physicians. Under the new law, a practice agreement is defined as „the letter developed by the collaboration between one or more physicians and surgeons and one or more medical assistants, which defines the medical services that the medical assistant is authorized to perform in accordance with Section 3502 and which grants authorization to physicians and surgeons of the staff of an organized health system to monitor one or more medical assistants in the organized health system.“ Bus – Prof Code No. 3501 (k), modified by SB 697 (valid January 1, 2020). An „organized health system“ is defined for licensed clinics, outpatient facilities, a „health facility“ within the meaning of the health and safety code section 1250, a medical practice or „any other institution that legally provides medical services“.

Bus – Prof Code No. 3501 (j), modified by SB 697 (valid January 1, 2020). In addition, the amended Section 3502.3 provides that the practice agreement must be signed by „one or more physicians and surgeons or by a physician and surgeon authorized to approve the practice agreement on behalf of physician staff and surgeons of the staff of an organized health system.“ Bus – Prof Code No. 3502.3 (a) (2) (B), modified by SB 697 (valid January 1, 2020). The shift from „physical availability“ to telephone or electronic means, coupled with the removal of the registration verification requirement, carries additional risks. P.A. must continue to be monitored. Indeed, a strong argument can be made that the easing of forms of surveillance implies that other robust and specific processes, policies and procedures and guidelines for PAs are indicated in order to avoid a decline in the quality of surveillance. In addition, the removal of chart revision and physical availability requirements does not mean that they cannot be included in the exercise agreement.



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