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Sales And Service Agreement Singtel

A long-time customer wrote on Singapore Telecommunications Limited`s (Singtel) Facebook page expressing disappointment at how Singapore`s largest mobile network operators handled a dispute over a hidden tax that was not revealed by a seller who had convinced him to subscribe to a „free“ TV MILLION. „Sing, that`s another subject. Your sales agent gave me his number and told me I could contact him or call him if there was a problem. I didn`t get the contract until much later, so I tried to call him, and he didn`t answer, so I sent him a message. Let me show the screenshot. Jeremy Lim wrote: „Don`t bother here to answer it. They will only ask you, and that in the end, the matter will not be resolved. It`s like talking to an A.I., and they`re just going to restart the conversation in the first place. I am now waiting for my last line to terminate the contract and break it after 20 years with them. I should say „Good Riddance“! All the service. Sogon Leong also called the sales staff who had come to his house; He took the call, and after knowing who called, the seller clung to him and blocked his number. If your account no longer has this function, we recommend that you send an email to Singtel to verify your end-of-contract date (info.singtel.com/faq-contact-us). „I`m totally disappointed with the singing.

I`ve lost all faith in you. You disgust me with your false fraudulent presentation. Your sales staff promised me orally that I would receive 3 months of FREE TELE, free of charge, even though I insisted that I didn`t want it at all. I don`t even need MIO TV, and he said it was part of the advertising package for fiber optic broadband. He said I only have to return the box before 3 months, and I won`t pay a cent. So, of course, I just agree, even though it`s a problem for me to spend the time making the box. Later I discovered that this was not the case, the MIO TV is a 3 month contract with 3 months free box rental but the subscription is only 2 months free. What the hell is going on? Deliberately hidden fees to rip people off their money for this 1 month? I have been a loyal customer for over a decade and have always recommended friends and family to Singtel. Is that what I have? I reported in your hotline and more than a week later, your employees called me today to tell me that I had signed the contract and that there was nothing they could do about it?! You even ask for evidence if it`s a home visit to your business and that everything is done digitally on the tablet, as I can have evidence on my end. Keverne Tee wrote: „The sales staff you met is most likely outsourced by Singtel to a third party company.

You usually have no control. If such an incident occurs, Singtel will only say that they are only a service provider, and will be based on the agreement you have signed. It was abandoned a long time ago. „So you`re saying that I shouldn`t trust your seller`s words and check every detail of your service contract before signing? What are their salespeople for in this case? Shouldn`t they offer professional services to make it easier for clients through paperwork and simply sign up for your services? Sogon Leong, the customer, had been informed by the singtel seller that he had received a free three-month MIO at no charge, even though he insisted that he did not want to.



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