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Favourable Agreement Definition

Part-time workers should not be treated less well than full-time workers. If the majority banks find, at their sole discretion, that some of the financial commitments set out in such an agreement are more favourable to the lender than the financial commitments set out in this agreement („More Favourable Conditions“) and the majority banks wish to have this agreement amended to include the more favourable terms, the agent will inform the entity in writing of this determination. Formally in line with what analysts said or approved said the outlook was favorable after stock markets closed Friday. The reaction to the plan has been generally positive. all together at the same time, in a way that is in total agreement with or against a fact, the rule or principle in agreement or able to work together, you decided to delay the trip until the conditions are more favorable. We offer our regular customers very favorable conditions. Government policy has been largely favourable to employers. We hope for a positive response from the committee. American critics have compared him positively to John Irving. two or more persons in the same way and, in any event, within thirty (30) days from the date of notification of the representative to the company, the company and the banks, including an amendment to this agreement containing the more favourable conditions under the conditions acceptable to the majority banks. shows that someone likes or approves someone If one of the other subordinated bonds issued by the company contains conditions more favourable to the purchaser of such subordinated debt than the one included (para.

For example, the „more favourable rating,“ which contains „more favourable rating“), the entity will immediately (but no less than 5 days after the issuance of these more favourable conditions) to exchange for this lower rating which must have the same conditions. than this mention, the more favourable the terms of the note are more favourable. If people or things are at the same rate, they accept or move at the same price by accepting or accepting something, even if you do not want Gavilon to have the right (but no requirement) to respect the favorable conditions and buy the product from the producer. if people agree, they all agree on what to do when an idea resonates in a group or country, when people agree, when people are together, they get together, etc., they work together and do not oppose each other who think the same way or have the same opinion as someone else when people are united. , they have the same objectives or beliefs If Gavilon chooses not to comply with the favourable conditions provided in this Section 6.2.3, Gavilon does not receive a fee for this third-party transaction, but has the opportunity to provide transaction-related logistics services to third parties at Gavilon`s current rates.



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