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What Is A Bona Fide Loan Agreement

The Finance Tribunal found that her mother had bad credit after Dufresne`s testimony and found no evidence that she would have been able to repay the alleged loans. While acknowledging that the family`s indebtedness is often informal, the Tribunal found that the absence of simultaneous debt securities was offset by the intention to create good faith debt, as well as the absence of repayment terms or guarantees. Suppose the agreement is in good faith and negotiable, unless the creditor provides convincing evidence of a legal block for the transfer of ownership. REMINDER: If the loan is in good faith, cash receipts are not income for the borrower, but a resource if it is withheld until the next month. For the lender itself, the loan agreement itself is a resource if it is in good faith and trading. The repayment of the borrower`s principal is not income to the lender, but the interest portion is unearned income. The agreement is a resource that begins within one month of the lender making the product available to the borrower. A good faith negotiable loan agreement is a lender`s resource that is valued at the current principal balance. (Rebuttal rights are available in the section SI 01120.220E.4.) Follow these procedures to determine if an informal loan is in good faith and to determine the value of resources, if any, to the individual.

The loan agreement must be in effect at the time the lender makes the money available to the borrower. Money given to a person without a simultaneous repayment obligation cannot become a loan at a later date. Assuming the agreement is a resource, its value is the outstanding principal balance. If the person wishes to refute the value, follow the instructions SI 01120.220E.4. in this section. This section contains instructions on when a cash credit can be considered a resource and how it is worth as a resource. This section also indicates whether an agreement is a good faith loan for ISS purposes. You will find instructions for the development of in-kind services under in-child care and assistance loans SI 00835.482. If the value of the loan agreement could affect the eligibility of resources, all good faith loans, including education loans, private loans and commercial loans, will not be considered income.



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