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Rstudio License Agreement

3.4.2 Exports. You cannot export software or customer applications to a country prohibited by the United States Export Administration Act and the rules that are prohibited there. They recognize that the publication of software, technology or data to a non-U.S. person within the United States or elsewhere abroad is considered an export to third countries. The person`s country of origin or country. You acknowledge that the export of client software or applications is subject to export controls and you agree that the software and all customer applications, as well as the direct or indirect product of the customer, are not exported directly or indirectly (or re-exported from an installation country), unless you receive all necessary licenses from the U.S. Department of Commerce or another applicable agency or agency. , in accordance with current legislation, or if you are eligible for exceptions or exceptions. They must comply with U.S.

export laws and regulations and other applicable laws when using the software, including, but not limited to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), 22 CFR 120 – 130, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), 15 CFR 730 – 799, and the Foreign Assets Control Regulations (FACR), 31 CFR 500 – 599. Without limitation of the above, you state that neither you nor your users are on a worn-out government list of persons or entities that are not prohibited from exporting, and (ii) you cannot use the software or use of the software or client applications that violate an embargo, ban or export restriction in the United States and do not allow their users. They recognize and accept that the software for exporting or re-exporting to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria and Sudan, or any person or entity on the list, entity list or unverified list of the United States Department of State, or on the lists of nationals specially designated by the U.S. Treasury Department, specially designated drug traffickers or specially designated terrorists. as such is changed from time to time. If you use the Software as an employee or agent of a company or organization, all references to „You“ contained in this Agreement relate to that entity and not to you in your personal property. You guarantee that you have the right to legally hire the company or organization on whose behalf you access the software.



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