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Read Wife By Agreement

You had a bad night. His tears made him uncomfortable. He remembered that he hadn`t seen much of his wife yet – even on the beach this summer, she had worn a Baggy T-shirt over her swimsuit, and even the children`s requests couldn`t let her into the water. He hoped that the contact of his personal assistant knew what he was talking about. Otherwise, Blake might have to address the issue of marriage to Jacqueline or maybe Vanessa. Jacqueline loved her independence more than her money. The fact that she held a lover other than him pushed her out of the race for the woman. That`s what Vanessa left behind. Beautiful, blond, and already riding the wave of soon becoming ex because of their clues to be exclusive. He did not like the idea of pursuing it. He was a bastard, but never cruel. Some women disagreed, and the tabloids had called him pompous and cunning.

If the newspapers snooped on what he was doing, they`d write it down like a joke. He wants to avoid further scandal. But reality was a legitimate, and he knew that his fake marriage had to be real to satisfy his father`s lawyers. Neil pulled the long black car to the sidewalk and quickly opened Blake`s door in front of the green and white painted café. With a briefcase in his hand, Blake ignored the turned heads as he walked on the window walk. The rich smell of freshly ground beans filled his nose as he searched the tables for the man he described as Sam Elliot. Blake thought he would find a man who would wear a business suit and carry a women`s wallet inside. „It was like more, but you`re probably right. His smile was soft at best. „Don`t worry, no one saw me. His broad, smooth forehead crumpled as he tried to calm him down.

Ethan Kemp`s wife, who was walking around the market town where they lived in that state, would not create the image he would approve of, and Ethan looked after the image they presented to the world. Didn`t you think about ringing me, or the police? Blake hooked up the phone, slipped it into the pocket of his coat and sat in his seat.



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