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Model Track Access Agreement

This page discusses the EU`s mandatory provisions for track access agreements and includes links to examples of network declarations, as well as links to and summaries of access to the modelled route and framework agreements from different EU countries: please use these forms for all new access contracts, for changes to existing access contracts and for new connection contracts. We have the authority, under the Railway Act 1993, to grant general authorizations, and the authorizations for rail access and correspondence contracts are also mentioned here. Example 4: Slovakia – Rail infrastructure access contract (Zmluva o prestupe k éelezniénej infra-trukt-re – vzor), provided by the ZSR, the infrastructure manager for public rail infrastructure in Slovakia (English and Slovak). The standard contract between the ZSR and the UK is in Appendix C of the network declaration. The ZSR grants access to ru subject to an access fee. Apply to freight and passenger transport. EU road access rules consist of rail access legislation and regulations and are managed by an independent railway regulator in each EU country. Infrastructure managers must develop and publish network statements to ensure transparency and non-discriminatory access. The use of rail infrastructure requires a lane access agreement between the infrastructure manager and the railway company or other beneficiaries, which are defined in the relevant EU directives and are valid for one year. The framework agreements define the general rights and obligations of the infrastructure manager and the access applicant with respect to the use of rail infrastructure for a longer period of time. The network declarations indicate the nature of the infrastructure available to railway companies and contain information on access conditions. They contain information that railways and other beneficiaries need to request infrastructure capacity. Typically, they contain information on general infrastructure use requirements (for example.

B licences, safety certificates and insurance), deadlines, procedures and capacity criteria, principles and fares, restrictions on the use of rail infrastructure, principles of train management in everyday life, and dispute and claims procedures. Networked statements for many EU countries are available in English on the RailNetEurope (RNE) website. This page contains standard application forms and model contracts to be used when requesting access to Network Rail`s infrastructure or connection to the network. The application form, standard contracts and general authorizations for the transportation of people. Example 3: Germany – Model contracts for access to the track of DB Netz AG, the infrastructure manager of the main national rail network in Germany (German and English).



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