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India Mexico Free Trade Agreement

With a total of 14 Mexican free trade agreements in more than 50 countries, the country has access to more than 60% of the world`s gross domestic product. More broadly, it is not surprising that Mexico`s top ten trading partners receive exports under the terms of thought of at least one of the country`s free trade agreements without China. For companies wishing to produce in Mexico, one of the country`s greatest advantages is access to free trade. In this article, we will examine some of the country`s most important free trade agreements and explore what makes them so important to conduct a successful production activity in Mexico. The agreement contains provisions relating to the treatment of rehabilitation and access to the goods market; Agriculture; Rules of origin Security measures 19 In the first six years, the free trade agreement reduced the average Mexican tariff on EFTA industrial products from 8% to zero. Mexican industrial exports to EFTA have been tariff-free since the free trade agreement in Mexico came into force.20 Mexico`s willingness to enter into free trade agreements with other countries is a way to bring benefits to the economy, but also to reduce its economic dependence on the United States. The United States is by far Mexico`s largest trading partner. About 80% of Mexico`s exports are exported to the United States and 47% of Mexican imports come from the United States5.In an effort to diversify trade with other countries and increase trade, Mexico has a total of 11 trade agreements with 46 countries (see Figure 1). These include agreements with many countries in the Western Hemisphere, including the United States and Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.6 Mexico has also ratified a free trade agreement with Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua), signed on November 22, 2011.

The free trade agreement between the six parties came into force on September 1, 2013. Turkey has bilateral and multilateral agreements: Mexico`s proximity to the United States and Canada has created a vast North American logistics centre that provides easy access and access to goods for all three countries. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) stimulates trade between the three countries by removing tariffs on products with a 60% rule of origin in North America. Mexico`s main exports to the United States and Canada are automotive, auto parts and electronics. These exports are due to two- and three-way trade, in which more than half of the materials used in the products came from a NAFTA country. This form of trade has increased the GDP rates of the three countries over the past 23 years. Launched in June 2008, the free trade agreement between Mexico and Central American countries established existing free trade agreements between Mexico and Central American countries to create a single regional agreement with Mexico. When it came into force, the free trade agreement replaced the three previous free trade agreements: a free trade agreement is an agreement involving two or more countries to reduce trade barriers between the parties in the area of imports and exports.



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