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Carrier Billing Agreement Proximus

PM Connect, a UK-based mobile payment company, has reached an agreement with Belgian mobile operator Proximus to provide premium sports content from the NBA, WWE and an optus Football.tv application through direct carrier billing, according to a press release. These negotiations resulted in the signing of a final agreement that further clarified the terms of cooperation. Proximus and EQT Infrastructure, Europe`s leading digital infrastructure investor, will be able to leverage the know-how and efficiencies in fibre deployment and achieve significant acceleration and a significant increase in fibre-optic coverage in Flanders. At least 1.5 million Flemish households and businesses will be connected to fibre optics as part of this cooperation in the coming years. Proximus and EQT Infrastructure have signed a final partnership agreement setting the conditions for the joint deployment of a fibre optic network in Flanders. The aim is to connect at least 1.5 million households and businesses to fibre optics as part of this cooperation. The agreement allows Proximus to pursue its ambitions to expand and accelerate the development of its open fibre optic network in Belgium. Each invoice has a billing agreement. We can organize the billing agreement in different ways. B by location, product or combination of the two. 1. Customer ID („customer number“ on your bill): the number unquestionably identifies you in the Proximus customer database. 2.

Billing agreement (`contract number` on your bill): you will find this number at the top right of your bill. These conventions and corresponding annexes, as published on this site, have been submitted to the BIPT. 1. The first page contains the legal section of the invoice, called „coverage.“ 2. The secord part of the law lists the details of appeal: national, international, mobile, etc. 3. The third section contains information on the tariff and discount programs you may have, as well as general information about our products and services. 4.

The fourth section provides an overview of the services provided by telephone number. 5. The fifth and final part provides an overview of shared billing, the products and services you pay for other parties (z.B for your employees to telecommute).



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