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Armenia Eu Visa Facilitation Agreement

As of its entry into force, this agreement prevails over the provisions of bilateral or multilateral agreements or agreements between certain Member States and Armenia, as the provisions of these latest agreements or arrangements deal with issues dealt with by this agreement. (1) The fee for processing visa applications is EUR 35. in accordance with Decision 582/2008/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 17 Harmonised measures have been taken to facilitate the passage of Schengen visa holders and Schengen residence permits into the territory of Member States which do not yet fully apply the Schengen acquis. 1. The facilitation of the issuance of visas under this agreement applies only to Armenian citizens to the extent that they are not exempt from the visa requirement by EU or Member State laws and regulations, by this agreement or by any other international agreement. 1. The diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States decide on the visa application within ten calendar days after receiving the application and the documents necessary to issue the visa. 2. The national law of Armenia or the Member States or EU law apply to matters not covered by this agreement, such as refusal to issue a visa, recognition of travel documents, proof of sufficient livelihood and refusal of any entry and deportation measures. A solution that would benefit both parties More than 60 countries in the world benefit from a visa exemption with the EU. Armenia is currently cooperating with a number of other countries on the visa dialogue. The implementation of a visa-free regime should be based on a country`s success in areas such as the rule of law, the fight against organised crime, corruption and irregular migration, the improvement of administrative border control capacity and document security. The dialogue on visa liberalisation was carried out between the EU and five Western Balkan countries, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as three Eastern Partnership countries, namely Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.

As a result, visa exemption was granted to all of these countries.



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