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Approved A New Collective Bargaining Agreement

With a relatively limited lead, NFL players voted in favor of a new collective bargaining agreement with the league`s owners until 2030, ESPN reported. Each NFL team will now play 17 games, as agreed in the new collective bargaining agreement. Adam Schefter is collapsing about how NFL players approved the proposed CBA in a close vote and what the new deal means to all parties involved. (2:02) More than 50 percent of NFLPA members voted in favor of the 10-year contract previously approved by NFL owners. NFL players have approved a new collective bargaining agreement that will ensure work peace until the 2030 season, and soon extend the NFL regular season to 17 games and add two playoff teams. NFL players voted in favor of the proposed new collective bargaining agreement, which signals 10 years of labor peace, increased sales share for players, additional benefits for former players, an extension to an NFL regular season with 17 games and more playoff teams. The rapid increase in the minimum wage is probably the biggest positive of the agreement for players. It was not without hiccups. The league`s owners only accepted a proposal for the NFLPA executive committee to vote against it quickly. The league met a week later with the NFLPA for a final round of negotiations, and only small changes were made.

The 400-day deal, the culmination of 10 months of negotiations, was approved by a margin of 1,019-959, the NFL Players Association said in a tweet. NFL owners agreed to the deal in February. NFL players have approved a new employment contract with the league, which includes a 17-game regular season, higher salaries, increased turnover chart scales and higher pensions for current and former players. Both sides completed the task just before the start of the 2020 league, so most of the changes to the agreement will take effect in March. Negotiations began in April 2019, nearly two years before the last CBA expired, and ended with an agreement less than a year later. Other important provisions of the agreement are higher minimum wages for players, improved performance for current and former players, extended executives and coaching executives, as well as changes in the NFL`s drug and discipline policy, ESPN reported. The share of players in the league`s sales will increase from 47% to 48% in 2021, and will increase to at least 48.5% each year the regular season games are played, the network reports. The new deal also gives the NFL the ability to add a wild-card team to each conference, adding two more games to the wild-card weekend, NFL.

com reported. „Our members have spoken and the CBA has been ratified,“ Browns Center J.C. Tretter, the recently elected president of the NFLPA, said in a statement after the agreement was approved. „We take a larger share of sales, achieve a significant increase in minimum wages and increase our performance after the career. We understand that not all agreements are perfect, and we don`t take the gains we wanted, but couldn`t get it easily . . . Our work is never done, and we must all work together as a team to build a better future. ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — After a vote by nfl players, a new collective bargaining agreement was officially ratified. Although the NFLPA 7-4 executive committee voted against the proposal and only 17-14 votes (one abstained) among the team members, the new CBA was sent to vote to all players in the league.

It was tight with 51.5 percent of players who approved the deal (1,019 for, 959 against).



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