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Alternative Fee Agreements

We have compiled a (non-exhaustive) premium to the most common alternatives to hourly billing: another pricing system is defined in bulk as any type of legal fee in which a client pays a lawyer something other than a traditional hourly rate for legal work done. Sometimes alternative pricing rules are soon referred to as the more recent „AFAs“ or „value-based billing.“ The fact is that a lawyer is paid for the value provided for the legal service, as opposed to the time it takes to provide the requested legal service. 4. Companies make proactive offers – clients appreciate that a law firm offers price alternatives even before the client asks. The offer should be accompanied by an honest assessment of the potential benefits of the proposed options and an explanation of how the agreement will work. Although the proposed alternatives do not always correspond to the client`s wishes, the firm`s proactive approach nevertheless helps to score points. However, the legal market is undergoing a paradigm shift in the provision of legal services, with the emergence of new players and pricing models in the market. These new players are not engaged in the traditional operation. Instead, these NewLaw practitioners understand that aligning their prices with value is essential. The fact that time stays in mind is the measure of the lawyer`s costs, not necessarily a measure of the value he makes available to clients.

According to the American Bar Association, alternative pricing rules (AFAs) are designed to impose a reasonable fee based on the value the customer receives and the way the customer perceives value. The impact of technology has not played a minor role in this trend. Technological advances have allowed lawyers today to have more powerful ways to analyze and use data to tout their services, develop budgets and map workflows. With detailed information on the historical cost of different types of cases, law firms can discover models for determining reasonable cost areas for a variety of legal services.



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